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You must have noticed many hotels, offices, cafes, restaurants, etc. use a single key to open all the locks. They use a key called the master key. Master key offers a convenience and control and is a favorite for businesses and homes that have many doors and locks. Aqua Locksmith Store specializes in developing master and sub – master key systems and we have many clients in the Hialeah, FL area who are happily using these systems.

How it works?

A master key is designed in such a way that it can open multiple locks. Essentially, you can use a single key to open all the locks in a building. Such master-keyed locks operate in two ways: one with a master key and one with a key that is specific to the lock. All the locks in the set carry a unique mechanism that can only be operated by its change key. The locks are also endowed with an independent second mechanism that is exactly the same as all others in the set. An experienced locksmith can design sub – master key systems that can give you the control of who has access to which part of the building.Aqua Locksmith Store Hialeah, FL 305-307-5753

Do you need one?

So why should you install a master key system at your home or office?

  • You don’t have to carry around a bunch of keys
  • A single key opens all the locks
  • Access to specific rooms is not taken away due to a misplaced change key
  • Gain control over access to your home or business
  • Master key allows you to limit the access provided to others

Even though master key systems provide all the above-listed benefits, you should definitely consult a reliable locksmith service before installing one at your home or office. It may not be right for you or there might be a better solution that can help you in a better way. Experts from Aqua Locksmith Store will carefully scan your property and based on their assessment they will determine whether such a system will work for you or not.

24/7 master key services:

Our 24/7 locksmith service never fails to attend to a customer request no matter how deep in the night or how early in the morning you call us. If you need a master key system for your home or have misplaced keys to your office and need a new one, we will reach you at any time of the day. Just call Aqua Locksmith Store on 305-307-5753.